Why Mock Tests?

The easiest and the best way to prepare for CLAT / AILET / SET Law / MH CET Law / LSAT is to attempt as many mock tests as possible before you attempt your final exam.

If you attempt more than 50 mock tests before your exam, and by the end of 50th mock, if you are crossing 130 – 140 constantly, you can rest assured that you’ll definitely crack CLAT 2019.

50 CLAT 2019 mock tests are available on this website. All CLAT, LSAT, MH Law CET, AILET 2019 aspirants should attempt these mock tests.

To access CLAT and AILET 2019 mock tests, click HEREĀ (Link will be updated soon).


Who should take these mocks?

Those who are appearing for the following law entrance exams:

CLAT 2019, AILET 2019, MH Law CET 2019, SET Law 2019, LSAT 2019 and all other such law entrance examinations.

Is there any fee for these mocks?

50 CLAT 2019 mock tests are free of cost.

What is the ideal score in these mock tests?

Each mock has a different difficulty level. You may score above 140 in a mock test and 120 in the other. In such a case, you shouldn’t be disheartened as each mock has different questions with different level of difficulty, just like CLAT.

What if I don’t give CLAT 2019 mock tests? Do I still have a chance of cracking CLAT?

If you avoid mock tests completely, you are depriving yourself from identifying your strong and weak sections. If you know about your strong and weak sections, you can plan accordingly as to which section needs more work and how can you manage time without compromising on accuracy.

Mock tests are your best tools to fight while taking CLAT or AILET. You get acquainted to the paper pattern and test structure.

What is the duration of CLAT 2019 mock tests?

2 Hours for CLAT 2019 mock tests

1.5 hours for AILET 2019 mock tests